"The Spirit of Exmouth"

Copper Frog London Dry Gin

Copper Frog London Dry Gin is lovingly and carefully handcrafted in small batches in Exmouth Devon.

Steam distilled in our beautiful handmade Portuguese still, Jenny, using pure filtered water from Exmoor National Park and the highest quality botanicals.

We believe there is no ‘correct’ choice of garnish or ‘perfect serve’ and it comes down to your own preferences, so as a starting point this is how we server our Gin.

Take a 50ml measure of Copper Frog Gin, pour over 100ml of Fever Tree Premium tonic and a segment or two of pink grapefruit.

Copper Frog Naval Strength London Dry has an ABV of 54.5%.

This is also steam distilled but we have added a little more Juniper and liquorice to the still to create a easy drinking naval strenght gin with a beautiful juniper taste

Copper Frog Naval Strength London Dry Gin

New Product from Copper Frog arriving shortly

Paulo’s Circus asked Copper Frog Distilling to create a gin with a distinct Candy Floss taste.

Tears of a Clown Candy Floss Gin is sure to amaze. Just as remarkably, this gin is not a gin liqueur, meaning that it’s a full strength bottle measuring in at 40% ABV.

Tears of a Clown gin is just the special touch don’t forget to give it a little shake first to set the shimmer into motion. You’d of course want to drink it at peak shimmer.

Tears of a Clown is best served with a premium tonic water or lemonade and sliced strawberries.

Tears of a Clown Gin