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Copper Frog Distilling Exmouth Devon |

The Copper Frog gin (London Dry) is made by a small family owned distillery, called Copper Frog Distilling.
They're located in Exmouth, Devon, England. The head of the distilling is Simon Hughes.
Simon is a huge gin lover, and someday his wife asked him, why he didn’t make his own gin?
And that’s how the idea to Copper Frog gin was born.
After a lot of testing, tasting and testing again, Simon finally found the right recipe for the gin.
The gin is distilled in “Jenny” – a 40-litre handmade copper still from Portugal.
To get more control of the still, Simon is controlling “Jenny” over an open flame 🔥
To work over an open flame, requires more attention, but gives the distiller more control in the process.
The water used in the gin, comes from wimbleball lake in Exmoor National Park (about an hour’s drive from the distillery).
All things are done by hand, filling, labelling, dip waxing and packing.
The date, batch and bottle number are handwritten on the label,
together with the signatures of the family members involved in the production.
At the time, around 100 litres are produced each month.

- Juniper
- Coriander seed
- Angelica root
- Orris root
And an unknown number of secret botanical's🤐
When it’s possible, only local and organic botanical's are used.
Nose: Putting my nose in the tasting glass, can sometimes be overwhelming, because of the alcohol fumes.
This time, there was no alcohol fumes – just a lovely sweet scent from junipers and hints of floral underneath.
Taste: I got surprised at the first sip.
It’s very smooth. First, I got a delicate taste from the junipers.
Next, I got a fruity citrus taste followed by a round sweet/floral aftertaste.
A very well-balanced gin. Before you go the mixer way, you should try it neat - the smoothness is 👌👌
This gin is really worth its money – no doubt!
When sipping it, you can feel the love, care and time, Simon and the team has put in every bottle.
In the production of this gin, no loopholes have been taken -
Simon calls the process "slow crafting".
If you come by this gin – buy it!

A 💯% handcrafted artisan gin.
Cheers🥃 / skål🥃