We only use the finest botanicals

Here at Copper Frog distilling, we pride ourselves on our consistency, all our botanicals are sourced from across a variety of dealers that specialise in botanicals such as Tuscan juniper berries, delicate Moroccan coriander and zesty lemon peel. Only the finest botanicals are used to create “The Spirit of Exmouth”

We use only the purest filtered water

All our water is put it through our water purification plant to remove suspended particles, bacteria and chemicals leaving a pure very tasteless clean water to mix with our spirit so it does not distract from our spirits. This purified water typically has around 98% of the incoming contaminants removed, such as dissolved salts, bacteria, organics and pyrogens.

Keeping it local

Copper Frog Distilling. Exmouth's first and only distillery.
We Purchase as much as we can from local Devon Suppliers and of course organic where possible.
This helps us create “The spirit of Exmouth” and keeps our carbon footprint low


We prefer to use our handmade Copper still "Jenny" over an open flame, because the distiller has much greater control over the amount of heat applied.
We believe it gives the spirit a very unique texture and great mouthfeel by producing certain flavours that can only be found with naked flame distillation.
Distilling gin on an open flame requires a deft touch and far more attention than a Column still or steam distillation. It also means the gin is made in smaller batches, allowing the master distiller to precisely discard the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of the distillation, and only keeping the precious, flavourful ‘heart’ of the distillation.
The result is a carefully crafted gin, made from whole grain wheat, natural spring water and infused with carefully selected botanicals that when intermingled allow the complex flavours to create a subtle bouquet with aromas of juniper and citrus.

Everything is handcrafted

We hand fill, dip wax and label each bottle ourselves. As if that's not enough, each batch is numbered and signed by the distiller. We want you to be impressed, we believe in what we produce, and are proud of what goes into the making each spirit. These spirits are personal to us. This is craft distilling – not mass production. This is true craftsmanship. The end result is quality handcrafted spirit that promises to be “The spirit of Exmouth”