Copper Frog Golden Rum



Copper Frog Golden Rum 700 ml – 40% ABV

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Copper Frog Golden Rum


We’re all passionate about what we do and we’ve made it our mission to make a true hand crafted Rum, we researched and found the finest molasses then created our own unique yeast blend to bring a true flavour profile unique to us.

After fermentation we use both a column and pot still to extract the flavours we are looking for, this is then blended and stored on oak to take up more unique softer characters such as fruit, vanilla and caramel.

We age our rum on three different oaks and toast levels, we then blend these and dilute to 40% ABV
Our passion to bring to you a true Rum is what makes it so different to mass-produced alternatives and why you should try it!

Our Copper Frog Golden Rum combines the depth and sophistication of whisky with the glamour and history of the Caribbean

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