From the creators of Copper Frog Gin & Paulo’s Circus comes this unique flavoured full strength gin, Tears of a clown, Candyfloss gin.

We have hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest botanicals, this one is sure to be a treat for your palate, great for all occasions.

Behind every smile, every laugh, behind the makeup is a person with a deep dark secret

When a clown makes you laugh, when a clown makes you cry

Inside every bottle, sealed with a sparkling kiss, lies the pink shimmering tears of a harlequin, a jester, a fool.

Behind every laugh, every smile, behind the makeup lies a broken-hearted clown.

Not everything that shimmers is gold, the clowns tears may sparkle pink, but his heart as black as night and mind tormented under tragic circumstances.

As the clown hides its true self behind the laughter & illusions, no one will truly understand the tears of a clown.

Best severed with lemonade, ice, a slice of strawberry in there to finish off the perfect anytime drink.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarian’s